a missing cat

lilcat, where you at?


Lilcat is tiny (only 3x4cm and 27g)
Lilcat fits any collars
Lilcat lights up!


See how the cat is doing
From the dashboard, you can see where the cat is and the activity level from the last 24 . As we develop new features, these will be added to your control panel.
Lilcat dashboard

Why buy lilcat gps-tracker

Lilcat works in Scandinavia

Lilcat works right out of the box. We are so sure that you will be satisfied that we let you try it for 30 days, completely free. If you are not satisfied, you will get all your money back.

Free shipping

Lilcat is sent with DHL with tracking

30 days to try, risk free

Money back if you are not satisfied

10 years of free use

No subscription or hidden costs
Lilcat, mobile application. Cat wearing Lilcat

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10 years of free unlimited use for the first 1,000 to buy a Lilcat

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A cat wearing lilcat gps-tracker

With Lilcat you always know where the cat is

lilcat Product features


Lilcat displays the cat's location in real time.

Temperatur meter

See the temperature in the cat's surroundings.

Location history

See where the cat has been the last 24 hours.


See the cat's activity in the last 24 hours.

Lilcat is build on a promise to do good

We develop technology that will make it easier to take care of our cats

Made in Norway

Lilcat is developed and manufactured in Norway with a focus on local raw materials and labor. Lilcat is a high quality product that can withstand harsh conditions.

Technology with purpose

We are working on developing features that make it easier to get to know our cats better. All cats deserve to be well cared for by their owners.

Sustainable development

For us, it is important to take part in the UN's goal of sustainable development. We will help fight inequalities, contribute to better health, climate and the environment.

Frequently asked questions

Cat and owner

Behind a happy cat there is always a caring owner

Get to know your cat better. See the cat's domain and activity level throughout the day. Where is your cat right now, is it cold, is it sitting still or is it home to someone else?